Gifts for uncles

Gifts for Uncles

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He’s always been there. A funny, kind, adventurous and slightly different looking version of your mom or dad. His rules are always a bit more relaxed, he’s constantly ready for fun and he never fails on handing out a little pocket money when needed.

Your uncle is a cool dude and it’s high time you showed him a little something in return. It gets even better, because as an often overlooked uncle he probably won’t be expecting any gifts. So he’ll be extra excited to receive one of these awesome, highly uncle-worthy items.

Our List of the Best Gifts For Uncles

Cheesy Funcle Tshirt

Your uncle is the person you turn to for carefree jokes, solid dating advice that you can’t possibly ask your dad about, and the occasional pocket money. He deserves recognition. Spelled out, straight on his chest.

Ridiculously Detailed BBQ Set

In summer, men flock in huge swarms to the BBQ. Uncles make no exception to this migration pattern. They live to flip, prod and crisp just like any other testosterone infused beefcake. This ultra decked out kit will allow your uncle to become the alpha and vanquish any other contenders to the BBQ king throne.

Red-Blooded Clint Eastwood Collection

Clint Eastwood is a bit like your uncle. A lot, actually.

They’re both handsome, they’re both heroic and they’re both American legends. Honor this striking similarity by giving the gift of Clint. It’s timeless, like your uncle.

Pizza Inspired Socks

They had us at Pizza.

But now the classic Italian carb coma moved into the footwear sector and, to be honest, we’re just as excited. Delicious prints, goofy packaging, no matter how you slice it, your uncle will say “Cheesus Crust!” when he lays eyes on these puppies. If he’s not a weirdough.

A Legendary Hawaiian Shirt

Every uncle needs a Hawaiian Shirt. The more outrageous the better.

Why? Because he’s human.

A Michael Buble CD (Yep!)

Michael Buble strikes fear into the heart of alpha males everywhere. Your uncle is probably one of them.

By giving him this CD, you’re accomplishing two major things:

  1. seeing the look on his face when he gets it
  2. introducing him to a smooth crooner he can listen to in secret and sing to in the shower.

The Gift Of Epic Suds – Beer Soap

This one is a bit on the nose, I know.

Uncles love beer. Uncles take showers. Now, they can have both.

Ok, they can have one and a soapy reminder of the fact that they already think about beer too much.

A Sexy Waist Receptacle – Adidas Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back and they’re cooler than ever!

Not even kidding.

Just take a peek outside your window and I guarantee you’ll see a teenager with clunky 90’s looking shoes and a fanny pack strapped across their chest. It’s what’s in, and every day you don’t buy your uncle a fanny pack is a day when he’s shunned by society. Think about that.

A Hip Flask

For The Hemingway Moments

Hemingway liked to drink. He most definitely had a distinguished looking hip flask. He was a man’s man. Bring a little bit of Ernest into your uncle’s life, but keep an eye on him. If he starts writing, he might have had too much to drink.

The Zombie Apocalypse – Survival Kit

Your family needs protection in case a virus breakout turns everyone else into brain-craving lunatics. With this survival kit, he’s turned into a combination of Bear Gryllz and McGyver and soon enough he’s installing showers in the treehouse he’s built out of sticks.


A House Building Pocket Device

A Leatherman is the kind of thing that guys should get as an initiation ritual into manhood. “Here, youngster, is the key to the world!” You can do almost anything with this baby, from fixing the International Space Station, to handling Trout.

Facial Love Fest – Facial Care Set

His skin is rugged. It’s no place for sissy pink cremes and flower-scented nonsense. That’s why smart people put musky smells in the cream and made them look downright tactical. Just another tool in his toolbox.

Four Piece Vest Set

Something to wear at a Snooker championship…

Animate your uncle’s inner James Bond with this snazzy set. He’ll be ordering lagers: “shaken, not stirred” soon enough and mopping up the consequences with his sexy pocket square. Classy!

Solingen Nail Set

Bombproof German Claw Removers

This is the kind of set that your uncle’s children’s children can inherit, because it was made by Trolls in a magical forest in Germany. It’s got an adamantium core (I presume) and will withstand up to 8 hydrogen bombs. They’ll be clipping nails with this one way into the year 2525.

Personalised Note Cards

The stationary of an Earl

When penning letters to his many lovers, your uncle will shine in comparison with the other men on Tinder with this bombastic personalized stationary.

Silk Pyjamas

Playboy Mansion Apparel

If he ever gets invited to the grotto (here’s hoping!) he can whip out this classic ensemble to impress bunnies. They are known to be attracted to red pajamas.

Professional Hair Cutter

License To Clip

The time has come for your uncle to take control of his hair. What hair? Every hair. Why should he spend thousands of dollars at barbers and stylists when he can give himself a buzz cut in the comfort of his own basement?

Desktop Charging Organizer

Safe Harbor For The Essentials

Uncles are known for their need to have control over how and where their favorite devices are stored and charged. With this essential gadget HQ, this ancestral need will be satisfied. No more waking up in the middle of the night with that desperate, nagging feeling that his devices are all over the place and charging like lunatics!

Carbon Fiber Money Clip

A Wallet Fit For A Pimp

An RFID safe carbon fiber money clip. Yes, this is the wallet of the future, my friends! Your uncle will appreciate the fact that you think he has lots of money (to clip in his new clip) and might shower you with some out of sheer excitement with his spacy new gadget.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1. Check if he already has it.

Step 2. If he doesn’t. Get it.

Step 3. Bask in the glorious and crippling addiction you have subjected your parent’s sibling to.

Step 4. Profit (optional). 

Pandemic Game

The Ultimate Save The World Trip

This is kind of like Red Dead Redemption, but in board game form.

Ok, it’s nothing like it – except – it’s amazingly made and hellishly addictive.

He’ll love it if he likes a challenge and doesn’t mind saving the world with his friends.

Vetelli Toiletry Bag

A travel accessory fit for a king

If your uncle loves traveling or travels for work (even if he hates it), this little accessory might make his life a whole lot easier. And if he’s never even thought about leaving the state, it’s mighty good looking just hanging on the bathroom door.

LED Flashlight Gloves

Something for the midnight fridge run

Last but not least, a pair of gloves that will allow him to expand the time he spends being your hardcore uncle – now also at night! He can fix stuff, cook, perform surgery, do needlepoint, all in pitch darkness. And without alerting anyone of his activities.

The Wrap Up

Your uncle loves you unconditionally, and even though he’s not expecting any of these fantastic gifts, the fact that you’ve thought about him and bought him something special will warm his heart. Your status as his favourite niece and nephew is probably already pretty solid, but it doesn’t help to nudge him a little in the right direction.

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